The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2010 #105a: NBA Jam

Posted in 2010 by trdn89 on February 14, 2011

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Official Game Site

EZ Snappin: NBA Jib Jab Jam.

The Voice of NBA Jam

Jamescobo: Yes, I shelled out for the PS3 version; nothing against the Wii but if you have an arcade stick, you fuckin’ play it on the system you have the stick for. And really, it’s everything you could want in a modern NBA Jam game: more players, more crazy characters, more dunks, more everything. Also online, but really who the fuck wants to play NBA Jam against people without them sitting right next to you, ideally while bragging about how much more fun you’re having with the arcade stick vs. them on the gamepad? Sure, there’s plenty of fat on this particular sacred cow – hence its relatively low position on my ballot – but at the end of the day, come on!

Mayor Jingleberries: Can we talk about how its some bullshit that this game was supposed to be like $15 DLC but once NBA Elite got flushed down the shitter it turned into a $50 release?

Can you name all the players from the 1993 Arcade Edition?

The Original

The All-Stars

Wii Metacritic

Pleasant Plains: Bill Clinton and Al Gore heads always sent me over the edge.

Dev Interview

We Both Know Your Initials Aren’t ASS

ZS: Can’t buy a bucket! For two! Grabs the rebound! He’s heating up! He’s on fire! Head fake! Hello! Is it the shoes? It’s a turnover! Jams it in! Oh my! Puts up a brick! Rejected! Swish! The nail in the coffin! Boom Shaka Laka! = my personal favorite!

Forksclovetofu: Malone and Stockton was essentially unbeatable if Stockton got the rebound.

In addition, his entire dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is devoted to remembering the time he did a helicopter dunk from half-court with Shawn Kemp at the buzzer to beat the Charlotte Hornets 82-81 in NBA Jam: Tournament Edition.

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