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Coint & Plick 2008 #25c: Mother 3 (Tomato translation)

Posted in 2008, GBA Games of the Year by trdn89 on February 23, 2010

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CraigG: Possibly the best game I’ve played this decade, let alone this year. The story was just so strong, kept surprising and made me genuinely laugh out loud a few times. One of maybe two games out of the last three years that stopped me just using my DS on the commute and found myself playing constantly while around the house or on my lunch break at work. Sapped a good twenty four hours of my life, and I’ll probably play through it again.

Cozwn: I’m at the end of the first chapter; suffice it to say the moment when you gain the Drago Fang is a bit of a downer; funny when the dad starts spazzing out tho…

Kingfish: If you haven’t been convinced to try this game yet, your character saves by talking to frogs. FROGS, people! Also, the game will have toilets.

As I’ve transcribed it, the meter is subdivided into six groups of four 16th notes followed by one group of five 16th notes. In other words, it would make Dave Brubeck cry.

Abbott: Seriously, I think about Mother 3 every day. The mushroom trip level is as genuine a headfuck as a bad trip. I am really bad at the beat-based bonus hits.

Webinar: I’ve played through some of it today and it looks to be really well done, a real labor of love. Nintendo should get some money to these guys and get the translation released for real. Are there any logistical, political, publishing or commercial reasons why they wouldn’t? The main entrenched cost in this kind of project is the translation and I imagine they would get labor for a snippet of the usual price from these online dudes if Nintendo chose to ‘license’ it from them.

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