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Coint & Plick 2010 #11: 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011

Posted in 2010 by trdn89 on June 9, 2011

NOTE: early on in the polls, I had volunteered to help Forks pull quotes for a few games. one of them was this game which I totally loved and had as my #1 and still play literally to this day, so I ended up pulling a ridiculous amount of quotes and stills from threads. out of sheer fanboyism I am going to include most of them here in a shameless ploy to boost this game’s prominence/pagerank, or at least help draw it into line with the traffic inexplicably attracted by the entry about The Settlers.

75 points, 5 votes, 2 TOP GAME votes

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Time for a frickin’ 9 innings thread on ILG, folks…

Z_S: if iPad were NES, 9 Innings, GameDevStory and maybe Drop7(still haven’t played it) would be the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt pack-in

Mordy: 50% baseball sim game and 50% card collecting extravaganza, 9 Innings 2011 hit the pleasure center of my brain that loves collecting better and better cards while combining that with the best sports mechanics I’ve yet seen on the iPhone. It was hopelessly addictive and even with season ending bugs (I had two, the second of which actually ended my interest in 9 Innings 2011) it was still great enough to be my 3rd favorite game of the year.

App Advice

jamescobo: In sheer value terms (price : amount of enjoyment derived), 9 Innings 2011 may well be the biggest gaming bargain I’ve ever found; it’s months and months and months later and I’m STILL ducking out to play this game compulsively even though it still won’t let me check my swing. For a game which wiped out 100% of my progress during FirstUpdateGate, that’s a pretty substantial accomplishment.

The thing about 9 Innings is that it is perfectly designed to be playable at any moment in the day. baseball can be broken down into so many component parts which serve as gameplay milestones (“oh I’ll just play one AB/inning/game/season/etc.”) + brilliant virtual-d-pad-less portrait mode allowing for one-handed play (perfect for playing while standing on a bus/ducking out for a smoke/”oh man I just drew a platinum Albert Pujols” *frantic masturbation*)+ controls streamlined to remove anything which isn’t fun to control (fielding) while absolutely nailing everything else to within seven decimal places = a good excuse to play is never hard to find. Then you get into building a team and then you get into card collecting and then all of a sudden it’s seven AM three days later and you’re still playing.

Touch Arcade

bnw: played the shit out of it

Will M.: Thank god this game doesn’t track how many hours I played it because enough games have made me feel embarrassed about that this year. And I probably played this more.


The rest of my team isn’t that spectacular. I can’t seem to get good cards for SS and LF.
Haven’t really bothered with the bench. What sucks with combining cards is that I’ll combine 3
gold cards and get another stupid fucking coach that I already have. Or an ugly cheerleader.

Tracer Hand: the real way to rack up points is the real man’s way – by playing Homerun Mode for like three hours straight til you can’t see. HR Mode is totally idiotic – i feel like a pavlovian dog or something – but after a tense game it feels so sweet to just bash em out of the park.

– the difference in style between difft pitchers is terrific. some curveballs loop slowly in, others snap tightly.

– the stealing mechanic should actually work; as it is, it’s just chance

– defensive substitutions, please!

– stamina depletion of opposing relievers, please! it’s not fair that my guys’ tiredness lasts through to the next game, but their guys magically “heal” overnight. it takes away one of the great strategic satisfactions of baseball: wearing down the relief corps so that the next day your opponent’s no. 5 starter gets left in the game too long

– it is a bit too easy. i’m now into the next season (2011) and i didn’t get a chance to switch it up to “hard”

– i love how in the world series everyone seems to play a bit better

– i think howie kendrick has to have the best player photo (although i am partial to josh beckett’s come-hither, kenny powers-esque pose)

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Coint & Plick 2008 #11: Fable II

Posted in 2008, Xbox 360 Exclusive Games of the Year by trdn89 on February 23, 2010

47 points, 5 votes

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Polyphonic: This game is pure popcorn. It doesn’t have the best combat, it feels very short and it sometimes doesn’t work right, but it hits a pleasure center that is pretty primal for me.

Molyneux interview

Matt D: The insipid villagers ended up driving me down the evil path. A crowd of children and onlookers were alternately praising, jeering and begging at me while I was trying to get at a vendor to buy/sell some gear, and I may have set them on fire, a little. Repeatedly.

Forksclovetofu: It’s… okay? I might like this more if I trusted it to take me further into the story. It’s not as immersive as I want it to be, that’s for sure. I actually quit playing Oblivion for this, cause I figured my girl would be more into it cause you can get married and have a dog and the graphics are better, but I’m starting to question that decision. Honestly, the Oblivion minigame is more complex than Fable’s vaunted character interaction. Here, it’s mostly fart till you can’t fart no more and then somebody wants to marry you. Apparently renaissance RPG land is a little like the seedier corners of the internet.
‘Animal Crossing + Murder’ is weirdly accurate.

MPX4A: This game is Bully to Oblivion’s GTA.

JimD: Got married and had a baby and regretted it almost instantly. I’m going to find it hard to resist slaughtering her and setting the baby on fire.

Salsa Shark: I’m getting more annoyed each time I go into Bowerstone. Everyone flocks to me and asks me why I’m too cheap to buy them gifts or too non-committal to buy them rings and then when I go to a dig spot in an alleyway a bunch of kids follow and corner me for five incredibly frustrating minutes, demanding autographs and then getting angry when I ignore them because I’m too busy button-mashing the controller to try to push them out of the way. This game would be a lot better if villagers didn’t stalk me every time I have stuff to do.
I’m having trouble reconciling my intention of remaining good/pure/vegetarian with my OCD about completing everything in a game. I can’t shoot all the gargoyles and get all the treasure chests unless I get into the Temple of Shadows, but I can’t get into the Temple unless I abandon my non-meat non-evil ways. Also my second ‘accidentally’ ate two of the five crunchy chicks.

Will M: I played Fable II last night for like 2 hours and got NOWHERE. There’s no grinding per se but there’s a lot of EXCRUCIATINGLY BORING foot travel punctuated by menus that take over thirty seconds to LOAD and a dog occasionally barking and a thought bubble popping up over his head saying there is a treasure or something is buried… meaning you have to go about fifteen feet off the beaten path, watch an awful animation, get an item which takes three seconds to load, and then go back to the trail, making you wonder why they even bother making you leave the beaten path because it’s not like you get in a fight– it’s just a massive waste of time. Why not make the dog bark and then I HAVE THE ITEM? Then a shitload of people start following you around with hearts over their heads because once you thought it’d be a good idea to do “victory arm pump” in this city 15 times, and they’re all talking, and talking, and talking and saying the same things. So to escape them you get behind the counter at a bar and for the next ten minutes you start earning money and you WANNA STOP because it’s so boring but you CAN’T because this is the first time in a while you’ve earned money and you LOSE YOUR MULTIPLIER IF YOU STOP but you have to deal with repetitive button-pressing and EVEN worse repetitive people saying ‘you’re good at pouring beer’ or whatever they say and fuck that game fuck that game fuck that game.

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Coint & Plick 2009 #11: Left 4 Dead 2

Posted in 2009 by trdn89 on February 15, 2010

60 points, 5 votes, .5 TOP GAME vote

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BNW: Slightly disappointing. While there’s new content here, none of it seems as inspired as the original.

Scratch that boycott

Jjjusten: So it’s 2009, and big shock, we’re all still out here shooting virtual zombies. Fortunately, unlike shooting virtual nazis, zombie killing never gets old. Lots of people got all bent out of shape about this one because of Valves longstanding “give you shit-tons of stuff for free forever” approach, but they can all shut up – this is not just some map pack bullshit, this is a whole different game. WAY improved over the original in every way, AI director is leaps forward, melee weapons are a game-changing addition, maps are far more intricate, replayablity is endless. I’m not even sure how they had the time to make a sequel this good in such a short period of time, but there’s no question, this is worth every penny. So boohoo indignant fanboys, go back and play Counterstrike for the 4 billionth time and shut the fuck up.

The Wire Connection

Polyphonic: Best cooperative video game experience ever. Valve took a great game and made it even better. My buddy John has a setup where we have two 360s in one room, and we play four-player campaigns together. There is a great deal of collaborative hysteria.

Developer Interview

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