The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

The Fifth Annual Coint and Plick Poll for Best Video Games of 2011

Posted in 2011 by trdn89 on February 19, 2012

Welcome to 2011, the year when EVERYONE was a gamer. The iOS revolution, the dropping prices in this generation’s systems, the fallout from Angry Birds, the novelty of cross-platform motion controls, the continuing evolution of the “art” game, the proliferation of sequels, the broadest acceptance of gaming as a force by mainstream press that could attract eyeballs… pick your reason, but 2011 felt like the first time video games had accelerated into a post-acceptance mode and were simply a dominant media form. Not just for kids anymore.

Coint and Plick offers a peek into the mind of a cross-section of Joe Average gamers; forty guys and gals from their teens into their forties who still enjoy a good orc rampage/bullet hell/spaceflight/historical sim/roguelike/sports fantasy. Much more than giving the reader a definitive “top ten”, Coint and Plick is meant as opportunity for the busy gamer to acquaint him/herself with potential missed highlights that are available at discounted prices at an e-store near you. That we are doing this poll WELL after the turn of the year is no accident; I wanted people to have time to really gather their thoughts and estimate what they love. We’re not in it for hitcount, we’re in it for history and, more immediately, the edification of our fellow gamers. After all, everything on here is good enough to make SOMEONE’s top ten of the year. You can hardly go wrong.

The poll was taken in Pazz and Jop style vote/point format: all voters had 100 points to divide among any ten games released in 2011. The maximum number of points each entry could receive was no more than thirty. In the end, 128 games were nominated. Rather than just peel off the top half, I’ve opted to list everything that got a vote here, along with a few links, images and YouTubes of note. We’ll have slightly more detailed entries for the top fifty games.

In case of a tie breaker, I went by number of people who voted for a game first and number of people who listed the game as their #1 of the year second. As in past years, in the interests of people’s ability to load these image-heavy threads, I’ll be starting a new thread for every twenty five or so entries and interlink the threads.

Bear in mind that not every voter used the full amount of points they had at their disposal, so the numbers don’t crunch exactly. User comments for these games come from individual ballots as well as from past ILG posts; I’ve done a bit of editing to streamline but I’ve made every effort to maintain your meaning. My apologies if you feel misquoted; feel free to correct me on this thread.

I’ll be trying to add roughly between three and five entries per day. If you feel that we’re moving too slowly, may I recommend that you go play some of the games listed? That’s what this is all about!

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