The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2010 #19b: The Saboteur

Posted in 2010 by trdn89 on June 6, 2011

45 points, 2 votes, 1 TOP GAME vote

Official Game Site

jjjusten: This game sits in the perfect sweet spot between Assassins Creed, Just Cause 2, and Red Faction Guerilla with just a taste of GTA WWII Paris tossed in for fun. Blow shit up! Find hidden shit! Climb buildings! Drive cars into things! Pwn Nazis! Yes, there are points where mission goals can be shall we say unFUCKINGclear, and some of the plot points and game mechanics are a bit shrugmoticon but BLOW SHIT UP BLOW SHIT UP BLOW SHIT UP ok then.

Wired review

Euler: This is the first open world game that I’ve loved for its openness. Paris is my favorite place on earth, & the game does a good enough job of modeling it (& occasionally better than good enough: climbing Saint Eustache was excellent). Plus you get to kill lots of Nazis, & the foreplay tasks of blowing up endless Nazi sniper towers & search lights is super satisfying. With GTAs I feel bad about the people I’m slaughtering: they’re not necessarily horribly bad people, they’re just low-level drug dealers or whatever. But here, the bad guys are Nazis with penchants for flaying political prisoners. So when you drive a car bomb into a crowd of them, you’re a force for good! There’s lots to do in the world, & the climbing mechanic means you get gorgeous views of the city on the reg + can get around quicker than just by driving through maze-y neighborhoods. Plus you can find anti-air guns & spend time shooting down zeppelins making mad bank. Plus: did I mention PERKS! Yes, you have to do dumb things like collect every Nazi vehicle but when you do, you get IN GAME value instead of boosting your dumb gamer score that no one cares about. Hey, I’ll take the seratonin boost & the extra firepower, no prob. So yeah, my #1 with a terror-scoped rifle bullet.

Eurogamer review

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