The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2010 #30: Minecraft

Posted in 2010 by trdn89 on June 3, 2011

33 points, 3 votes, 1 TOP GAME vote

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itt we minecraft


MattD: Like a box of cubic Lego. Minecraft’s emergent gameplay is incredibly refreshing compared to most recent titles, which are full of pop-ups that prompt you when to press X to jump or B to trigger one of a barrage of quick-time events in which your character leaps, climbs and opines without any direct control or input. In Minecraft, you start with your bare hands. What happens when you punch that tree? What happens when you combine those blocks? What happen when you dig (too deep, too greedily). You will die to natural and man-made disasters, zombies, crumbling experiments, and exploding block monsters. You will probably set your house on fire. I enjoyed this game so much I set up a server for a few months so my friends and I could run rampant and explore each others creations.

CNET review

Jeff Vogel review

jamescobo: In all honesty my vote is more a recognition of Minecraft as a seismic event than it is of Minecraft as A Game Which Is Fun To Play; I’m not really one for building all kinds of crazy shit so I mostly just ran around getting killed over and over and over again. That being said, it’s the biggest leap forward in terms of the sheer scale of the world games can present since GTA:SA, maybe even since Ocarina of Time.

Will M: I haven’t played it since they put monsters into the multiplayer game, but when it was a collaborative LEGO game without punishment, it was brilliant.

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