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Coint & Plick 2010 #29: Dead Rising 2/Dead Rising: Case Zero

Posted in 2010 by trdn89 on June 3, 2011

33 points, 4 votes

Official Game Site

Mordy: Remarkable and awesome. The psychopaths are scarier, the zombies are more plentiful, the cell phone doesn’t cripple you when you pick it up and — probably the biggest and most significant change — the survivor AI is great! You can run all over the place with a train of survivors following you who will protect themselves and, if you equip them with weapons, even help you! It’s startling how a few mechanics changes can take a fun but flawed game and make it great! It has basically taken the DR1 mechanics, tweaked them to basically get rid of everything annoying (no more stupid paralysis-inducing cell phone calls!) to just leave the kernel of sweet arcade goodness. It feels like a classic Capcom game.

Gamepro review

CraigG: I don’t have a lot to say about this, as I haven’t played it loads, but it’s impossible to not have fun when scooping zombies up in wheelchairs and beating them with whatever is lying around. Even the most basic of weapons, like a baseball bat with nails through it, is so satisfying to dish out some pain with. I really wish there was a free mode, as I don’t like the time constraint, but the game is a lot more forgiving than the original, and infinitely more fun as a result.

1up review

Will M.: Case Zero was a spectacular bit of DLC/Arcade game and got me completely stoked on this title, which lived up to the hype I built in my head. Hilarious game and fun and removed a lot of the excruciating shit from the first one. Except for the kill 3195810980 zombies in one playthrough thing. I guess SOMETHING about it needed to be awful. The Case West DLC left me sour but DR2 and Case Zero? Amazing.

Kotaku Case Zero review

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