The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2010 #53f: Disney Epic Mickey

Posted in 2010 by trdn89 on May 10, 2011

20 points, 1 vote

Official Game Site

Princess TamTam: An enchanting journey into a dreamworld of magic.

Warren Spector Interview

salsa shark: Not too sure what IGN is on about. I think the camera works fine for the most part, with only rare instances where you can’t swing it behind you or go into first-person mode. Otherwise, you can move it all around you, though it’s a bit slower than I’d normally like. The control scheme is basic but there are only two times it’s irritated me: first, when trying to jump near a NPC, who I then end up talking to, because A is both jump and ‘interact with NPC’; second, when trying to paint/unpaint a chunk of scenery on the ground and not being able to paint it because for whatever reason the game doesn’t seem to understand where I’m pointing (it’s hard to explain, but thankfully so far this hasn’t rendered crucial parts of the game unplayable).

If there’s anything that has me near Wiimote-throwing point, it’s the poor quest management and the way every task seems to turn into a fetch quest. A number of non-essential quests ‘expire’ if you neglect to complete them during a specific moment/area of the game (the world isn’t fully explorable; I don’t think you can retrace your steps and revisit old areas unless it’s part of the storyline moving forward), and I find the quests themselves are all kind of redundant. Collecting 5 spark plugs turns into 5 fetch quests for various NPCs who all look similar and are easy to forget/mistake for one another. It’s all ‘oh yeah, I have a spark plug, but you can’t have it unless you throw these bunnies into a vacuum tube,’ or ‘yeah, I’ll give you this statue, but you have to find me a flower so I can woo Henrietta,’ then ‘I’ll help you arrange a bouquet of flowers, but you have to find me three flowers first,’ then AARRRGHGHGH WHERE TF ARE THE STUPID FLOWERS JUST LET ME GET TO THE NEXT PART OF THE GAME ALREADY. Okay I love quests and adventure games but seriously this is almost too much even for me.

But it’s a very nice game to look at and I’ll stick with it for a while longer.

CaptainLorax: I read this thread before I went to sleep last night and at one point in the dream I was playing this game or something. I just remember the Bunny Kids except they were Bunny Boys that had chairs for faces. They were actually pretty cute.

Eurogamer review

Noodle Vague: Emo versions of kids cartoons are probly the most horrible fucking thing ever invented ever.

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