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Coint & Plick 2010 #106j: FIFA 2011

Posted in 2010 by trdn89 on February 5, 2011

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Official Game Site

EZ Snappin: World Cup corrected the most broken bits of FIFA 10. Shame they broke new stuff in FIFA 11. Sold this, bought PES, am happier man.


Jeff LeVine: This seems unsurprisingly solid. Passing felt the same as it’s still easy to ping pong the ball along (at least with Real Madrid). Defense felt slightly better w/ additional jockeying for possession animations. Maybe minor improvements to the computer AI when they’re on offense? I didn’t like the factoids popping up on screen during the game. The only “major” difference I noticed was with throw-ins and goal kicks; they’ve gone back to a magic circle that you can’t move your player into, like in old PES – an improvement to the weird jerky animation that was going on there in the last few games, I guess.

Developer Interview

Onimo: Kind of hard to keep control with this new 360 jostling thing – seems like anyone who gets close to my guy gets the ball. Are they trying to make it like real modern football where no-one dribbles anymore?

Laws of the Game

Drinking Game

baaderonix: Ball dynamic feels very different; seems far too easy to steal the ball. The ballyhooed personality thing actually seemed noticable (eg. Barca playing in a Barca style).

Roberto Spiralli: If EA devises some bullshit for each year’s new FIFA they are WAY more interested in showing it off by shoving it in your face all the time than in whether it makes the game more or less fun to play; e.g. ball hitting the ref, defenders stopping and raising their arm instead of pursuing a through ball. OMG IT’S SO REALISTIC I AM DELIGHTED THAT HAPPENED WHAT FUN I AM HAVING NOW

cozen: I’m addicted. They’ve done a great job of making fatigue and stamina meaningful this year and having the star players play like stars. It still doesn’t quite have the ~soul~ or individuality of PES quite down but it’s getting there.

Michiganders Don’t Like It

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