The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

The Fourth Annual Coint & Plick Poll: ILG’s Best Video Games of 2010 – Introduction

Posted in 2010 by trdn89 on February 2, 2011

2010 saw the full blossom of the iPhone as a gaming machine and the “every man a gamer” explosion that we were warned the casual game would lead to. We saw the madness of crowds lead to motion gaming devices on all major home systems. It was the last full year of the DS as the dominant handheld. There was a narrowing of the playing field in sales for the big three and a resurgence of downloadable PC games both old and new thanks to Steam and GOG. The watchword, perhaps even more than usual, was “diversity”; the market is broad enough now to support a breadth of styles and approaches to game making and playing that would have been virtually unimaginable even five years ago.

Coint and Plick offers a peek into the mind of a cross-section of Joe Average gamers; thirty-nine guys (mostly) and gals from their teens into their forties who still enjoy a good orc rampage/brick busting/mecha flight/historical sim/plastic guitar concert. Far from giving the reader a definitive “top ten”, Coint and Plick aims to offer a chance for the busy and broke gamer to acquaint him/herself with potential missed highlights. Every one of these games made someone’s year end list and every one has something unique and meaningful to offer. My goal is to create a time capsule that we can refer back to when we want to remember what we were playing in that long ago year of 2010.

This poll was taken in Pazz and Jop style vote/point format: all voters had 100 points to divide among any ten games released in 2009. The maximum number of points each entry could receive was no more than thirty. In the end, 132 games were nominated. Rather than just peel off the top half, I’ve opted to list everything that got a vote here, along with a bevy of links, images and YouTubes of note to help introduce you to the games in question. In case of a tie breaker, I went by number of people who voted for a game first and number of people who listed the game as their #1 of the year second.

Bear in mind that not every voter used the full amount of points they had at their disposal, so the numbers don’t crunch exactly. User comments for these games come from individual ballots as well as from past posts on ILX or across the web; I’ve done a bit of editing to streamline but I’ve made every effort to maintain your meaning. My apologies if you feel misquoted; feel free to correct me on this thread.

I’ll be striving to list roughly three to four entries per day over the next two months. It’s gonna be a long unveiling so get comfortable.

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