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Coint & Plick 2010 #106e: DC Universe Online

Posted in 2010 by trdn89 on February 2, 2011

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Official Game Site

Already it’s Sony Online Entertainment’s “fastest selling game,” whatever that means

Forksclovetofu: First I had to wait literally a full day and night for the 12 gig demo to download and when it finally loads, there’s a gorgeous five minute CGI movie that seems like it’s taken from some Geoff Johns script or other. Lex and the villains kill all the heroes then Brainiac comes and enslaves the human race but Lex survives and comes back in time to warn the heroes and also brings a gazillion space robot doohickeys that will infect the human populace with SUPERPOWERS so we can defend ourselves when brainiac comes. Blah blah blah. THEN! Character creation: very granular, great interface, loads of customizable fun. I spent a half hour making a guy who has acrobatic powers from doohickeys he creates and trains himself to fight with a bo staff and do acrobatics. He’s got a skull mask, a paramilitary backpack and a polo sweater vest with a skull on it. Slacks, dress shoes, formal gloves. Calls himself Skully D. Then BANG Skully is on a ship in what’s clearly a tutorial, killing bad guys, climbing on walls, doing backflips, levelling, getting POWER POINTS and generally being unkillable. Then (terrible looking) Superman shows up and wastes a shitton of guys. Oracle tells you to teleport to earth and BANG you’re in a Gotham police station with 500 other losers called “THE FRAGMENT” and “COOLX” and so forth, flying and speeding and teleporting in various capes and tights. From there you’re off to the races. Having never played an MMORPG, the key opiates are fresh and very addictive. I put in two full ten hour days of play in a row and then made my 2011 resolution to not play this any more as this might otherwise be the only thing i do with my life this year. Not that it’s that great or anything but holy fuck the sugar drip of these online RPGs are painfully addictive.

Taking aim at WOW

The Curse of Superboobs

”Trying to be Female Friendly”

Jim Lee Interview

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