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Make Your Case: Dragon Quest VIII

Posted in Best of PS2, Make Your Case by trdn89 on March 5, 2010


about 40 hours in on playthrough #2 (this time it’s for keeps!) and a few thoughts

1. the knowledge to build and operate an alchemy pot has got to be some close-hold black helicopter shit because there’s no way you could let people play with these things willy-nilly and expect a barter economy to survive – clearly king trode, despite his ignorance of the scepter’s significance, has been keeping good notes on THIS (and who can blame him, it basically prints money, or should I say moon’s mercy)

1a. interestingly, however, the fortune-teller’s trade is a common one, and valued at jack of all shit in the epoch our adventure occupies; compare and contrast with the 21st century where the “knowledge worker” and “creative” class rule the roost and people who make things are regarded as either the globe’s poo-poo or at best a troop of rustic craftsmen who just couldn’t deal with a real career; in the age of equities trading it’s the motherfuckers with the crystal balls who run the show and not some lil’ dude with a pot in his wagon

2. the party structure, even given the addition of the monster team (Donkey Force Alpha, if you must ask, maxed out the 18 character limit, that’s right) argues for small elite units in military operations and takes a very clear stance against conscription; sure the world is full of tough guys and bad-asses and all manner of talented privateers, but any mission worth doing demands a far more discriminate bunch of revenge-bent lunatics highly motivated individuals

2a. in contrast to 1a, we see this actually playing out in modern times, where asymmetric warfare has become the rule and laggardly divisions of draftees are the exception

3. I’m certainly not the first to point this out but it is quite disappointing that the simple switch from fishnet stockings to the much more effective ruby of protection as an accessory means having to give up the bunny girl costume altogether. That shit doesn’t even make any sense.

4. Man I’m happy I read the gameFAQs this time around, jesus

oh and 5. is Jessica adopted or is it just me

or perhaps she has the same problem as Angelo/Marcello, right place, wrong parent? Actually that goes for the Hero as well I suppose, man these kids are all fucked up

this shit is so much more enjoyable to think about than my job or the economy, unfortunately it keeps me up just as late (but less drunk)

5. Marcello’s speech to the gathered boojwahzee on Neos is great; the whole game’s plotline (bloodline? lol!) is rooted in the business of family descent, and then he just stands in front of everyone and goes off on how meritocracy is the way of the future also PS. fuk u if u disagree

5a. Sounds vaguely acceptable at first but then you realize he’s actually a proto-fascist or a pretty boy bolshevik, especially the part where he calls out the Goddess as just another false idol. It’s a nicely done moment because at this point you’ve been to Tyran Gully and dealt with all sorts of discrimination yourselves, this fuckwit up on the dais may be ahead of the curve on a couple of points but one more putsch and he’s going to be gassing the fatties and belt-sanding the nuts off every male who doesn’t enlist in the Templars. Compared to Marcello that Charmles looks harmless, amirite.

5b. The bit after DQ9/11 happens and Angelo saves him almost out of spite is money. “You know I REALLY don’t care,” in the Jude Law voice and everything. I basically never gave two shits about Angelo outside of casting Multiheal until he said that.

6. Pickham is an interesting social experiment, a bit sci-fi really. Why does every city have to have its own accompanying slums? Why not just have one city that’s all the slums at once? The dregs of every major area wind up sleeping on the dusty floors in a den of thieves and fighting over scraps. Plus you put it just far enough out of the way that they don’t bother anyone else, except to consume the occasional gambling addict who can’t afford to sail to Baccarat anymore. The whole Swordsman’s Labyrinth fetch-quest could practically be a John Carpenter film by way of Sam Raimi.

7. Are Slimes the Jews of monsterdom?

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