The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2008 #28b: The World Ends With You

Posted in 2008 by trdn89 on February 23, 2010

Official game site

Brilliam: This title is, for lack of a better term, transcendental. It transcends its publisher, Square Enix, by existing as a bold counterpoint to their inaccessible, tradition-laden, committee-made lineup of sure-sale RPGs. It transcends any sort of “action” or “RPG” or “action RPG” genre definition by doing both things better than any of their permutations. It even transcends what could have been a disastrously stupid setting (‘extreme’-looking teens trapped in an ‘extreme’ version of a metropolis’s shopping district) by handling it (with as much grace as can be expected from a handheld videogame) maturely. I was enthralled in spite of the developer and the setting and the genre and whatever else stood in the way of fun.

Nhex: I love it! Great battle system, chock full of innovative ideas!

Jamescobo: it’s more or less an RPG except for the crazy battle system and the most insane ability customization scheme I’ve seen in a minute and some of the most stylized visuals since Jet Grind Radio. The only caveat is that the learning curve is steeper than a shitting bitch, especially with regards to the battle system which encourages you to use both the stylus and regular controls SIMULTANEOUSLY?!?!

Jibe: It’s… weird. I’m not really enjoying it while I’m playing, but I keep coming back. The characters are really really annoying; fuck a silent Neku who hates everyone.

Circa1916: I really did not dig The World Ends With You. The art direction, storyline and armor system were all just immensely unappealing to me; the combat is a mess too. Try as I might to maintain some sort of order and finesse, it always devolves into mindlessly scratching the screen and banging on the directional pad. Bleh.

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