The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2008 #17: Far Cry 2

Posted in 2008 by trdn89 on February 23, 2010

31 points, 3 votes

Official game site

Iroquois Pliskin: Such a subtle game, both in terms of its environmental charms and its unsettling narrative. Beyond the generally awe-inspiring attention to graphical detail manifest in the flora and fauna and climate of Leboa-Sako, Clint Hocking’s Africa-set magnum opus abounds in the small touches that communicate an authentic sense of place: patches of leaf-filtered sun on the floor of your safe house, bugs on your windshield, the golden luster of the savanna grass at sunset. And having to look down at your map while driving so uncannily replicated the hazards of real-life vehicular navigation that you forgave the frequent mishaps it caused.

Developer-Reviewer discussion

Mitch Krpata: Sober, thoughtful, and mature — three words we don’t usually associate with a first-person shooter. Because its game world is so big, Far Cry 2 can seem slow-paced. You’ll cross the map to accept a mission and then have to turn around and go back to accomplish it. As smaller firefights erupt along the roadways and at guard shacks and enemy safe houses, a simple trip might take half an hour or more. The sparsity of checkpoints means that the death of your character can erase significant progress. Yet the game casts a spell as you go deeper. Detours become ever more alluring. And if you lose your bearings in the wilds of Africa, well, that’s the point.

Jeff LeVine: I agree it has problems but what sandbox game doesn’t? On the plus side, the world created is a pretty impressive environment to wander around in. You can go by foot through miles and miles of bush, ride various cars and take boats around. I like the pacing. It seems a little slower, a little more casual than the average sandbox. The various mission scenarios are fun to fight your way through. The game just feels like a ‘B’ though and in a season this packed with ‘A’ games, I could understand why people would skip it for now.

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