The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2008 #16: Civilization: Revolution

Posted in 2008 by trdn89 on February 23, 2010

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Meg Busset: I’ve had Civ: Rev for about four weeks and am really enjoying it. Playing on King level at the moment but might shift up to Emperor and see how that goes. Some of the Civilizations are so superior to the others it’s embarrassing. Take the Romans; once you get going on building wonders there’s no stopping the culture victory. Only criticism so far is that archers are such a good defensive unit that it seems pointless going to war in the early stages of the game. I just defend until I get combustion then crank out tank armies and twat everyone.

MPx4A: I would prefer to just be able to carry on after winning to see how things pan out. I felt a bit bad for nuking Delhi. I think nukes fuck up the surrounding area and damage your culture rating but I never really got to face the consequences because I won the next turn… even though Gandhi was still giving me all this “I’m taking that pile of mutant-infested rubble back real soon, son” type shit. It is kind of stupid that you click stats and all you get is reverse ordered descriptions of milestones, interspersed with painfully slow scrolling credits and repeated messages about how you beat the game. Basically, once you have one infantry army with a couple of upgrades then no amount of tanks, artillery or bombers will shift your capital city but you have to hope you get lucky with the great people and the cash rolling in. I got within three turns of the World Bank when the Greeks, who invented gayness, built the fuckin’ UN. This game can be kind of relaxing but the way the computer constantly declares war in really snide terms (even when you’re just off being polite and cultural in some remote corner of the world) subtly reminds you that people are dicks, all the time. Even the sim ones.

Roberto Spiralli: It’s a lot of fun and very intuitive and easy to play but they went a little too far with the console oversimplification. Not having unhappy citizens or hunger improves the flow of the game but takes the ‘management’ element out of city management somewhat. It is really REALLY fucking easy playing versus the computer. I think this will have close to zero one player replay value after about a week, though I do think it could be top fun on multiplayer. I need to convince my two IRL Civ-playing friends to trade in their 360s and join me on a PS3.
EA puts a regular single player vs CPU game up on the network each week and you play it like you would a regular game. If you beat it, your score gets compared with the rest of the world or region or whatever. I guess they realized that coordinating a three hour block of multiplayer time between pals might be tough for a lot of people so they went with a new approach.

Kingfish: Civ on a console just seems odd, maybe just because of the lack of a mouse. I played this game forever before I finally went ahead and tried to nuke something. So hardwired against doing so.

Euler: I love this game. I just won on Emperor for the first time and it was definitely way more challenging than king. I wish the endgame were longer so I could benefit from the late-game techs and wonders more but some of the scenarios help with that (e.g. Beta Centauri).

DG: Totally pwn3d Alpha Centauri yesterday, which means I’m on track to have my first go on Civ: Rev sometime around 2017.

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