The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2008 #55h: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Posted in 2008, PSP Games of the Year by trdn89 on February 22, 2010

10 points, 1 vote

Official game site

Mitch Krpata: Finally, a Final Fantasy VII product worthy of the name. It’s all heart. Crisis Core would be compulsively playable even if you’d never spent a moment with Final Fantasy VII. The basic mechanics share much with traditional RPGs, but they’ve been streamlined to include some real-time action elements. Although combat is still menu-driven — you can choose to attack, cast spells, and use items from your inventory — you maintain full control of Zack at all times and can block or dodge at will. Zack travels and fights alone, without a supporting cast of characters. This is different from what you find in most Final Fantasy games; it makes for economical use of the PSP’s screen and the relatively brief battle sequences keep the action moving.

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