The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2008 #44c: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Posted in 2008 by trdn89 on February 22, 2010

15 points, 1 vote

Official game site

Dy: My reactions are becoming more positive the more I play but it’s quite slow and certainly no match for Tactics on the PS.

Webber: It’s better than FFTA1, but still somewhat infuriating. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a game to sink a ridiculous amount of time into. I played through about twenty hours but since I didn’t like the way I was leveling (and because I am ridiculously anal), I restarted and put in _another_ twenty or so hours into it. I found and used a fourth thief dagger relatively early on this time so my team is well on their way to becoming dual-wielding killing machines.

Will M: Really enjoying it. This game is absurdly slow but it makes my terrible commute relatively fast by comparison so I don’t mind. Apparently I’ve played forty hours now? I think I’m technically 2/3 through the game but I am really fucking dicking around a LOT; I feel sure I could have easily beaten it by now.

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