The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2009: Disappointments

Posted in 2009, Most Disappointing Games of the Year by trdn89 on February 15, 2010

Time for some disappointments.

Every voter was given the option to list their most disappointing game of the year on their ballot. For some, this meant their least favorite game; for some, the one that didn’t live up to their expectations; for some, the reasoning was completely personal.

There was a definite consensus “most disappointing game”, but several games pulled single votes. Let’s start with those.

HIDERE – I pick BEATLES: ROCK BAND, not because of the game itself, but because the Rock Band peripherals (especially the guitars) are so incredibly fragile that leaving them alone for only a few months at a time causes them to stop working. I have two guitar controllers and they are both utterly broken despite not abusing them in the slightest. Yes I DID change the batteries, no that DIDN’T make any difference: one controller doesn’t respond at all and the other registers a strum if a light breeze wafts across it. This renders all of the Rock Band games completely unplayable and that’s really a shame because I love the concept and general execution of these games and would have bought Beatles: RB if the controllers actually worked. As it stands? Fuck this overly-fragile shit that costs nearly as much as an entire game system.

WillMCALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2 – It wasn’t the game itself that disappointed me, but the utter mess leading up to its release. Certainly the loss of dedicated servers for PC was a blow; there’s nothing better than renting a server for you and your friends to always guarantee a good game. For me, it was the whole F.A.G.S. scandal that really put it over the top. I have a hard enough time dealing with that shit on Xbox Live, but for a company to put out that kind of hate speech in their advertising completely put it over the top. I don’t know if I would call it a “boycott,” but that nonsense certainly determined that I did not care how good this game was: I wouldn’t be paying for it.

jamescobo – The FIGHT NIGHT series used to be one of my favorite series in games, and then ROUND 4 came out and uh well things changed in a hurry. Whoever designed the training minigames deserves to be sent to the hottest circle of hell.

IfKATAMARI FOREVER was a real bummer. “If it ain’t broke” is all well and good with something as awesome as Katamari, but _literally_ the same levels as the 360 version from a couple of years ago? Daaaaaamn.

Euler – More than anything it was NOT HAVING ENOUGH TIME TO PLAY video games this year.

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