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Coint & Plick 2009 #51: Chrono Trigger DS (Euro release)

Posted in 2009 by trdn89 on February 15, 2010

16 points, 1 vote, 1 TOP GAME vote

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If: Well worth the wait to play this! Maybe helped by the slightly reswizzled DS presentation but it didn’t feel dated in any way – quite the opposite in fact. I knew next to nothing about it before hand and certain moments were just jaw-dropping – walking through the ancient snow to discover a teleporter to a cool futuristic world, whoa. Totally charming, really beautiful in places (the music in the medieval world!) and with combat that’s so enjoyable you wonder why its ideas aren’t more widespread.

“Fight the same series of wimps in the forect for an hour or two? I DON’T THINK SO. I think I’ll BEAT THE GAME 3 times.”

Cankles: Best game ever and anyone who disagrees can eatadiccup. Revisiting a lot of older games (or really just shit in general that I loved when I was ten or eleven years old) is almost uniformly v.v.v.v. unrewarding. Except for Chrono Trigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s pretty unique among Squaresoft bullshit in that regard. FF7 is atrocious to me today, but I could probably sit down and HELLA dig on some CT.
It was the first videogame I was actually able to BEAT on my own. *** lone, manful tear trickles down face, is absorbed by neckbeard ***
There’s a puffed-up, Fisher Price, safety scissors quality to CT that really helps it out in the long run. CT just wanted to be a shiny, flashy experience that fleshed out a smaller, simpler world (gaming- and narrative-wise) and ended up succeeding on all the levels that all the FF games flailed and failed at.

Will M: The great thing about CT is that there’s virtually no running around in circles to get experience points; there’s almost no item management (aside from buying new weapons when you can and the occasional potion) and talking to the villagers is pretty fucking entertaining. The game never wastes your time with MEDIEVAL VILLAGER #457 FROM THE TOWN OF LUHIM or whatever. Battles are fast. The sheer lack of a “battle screen” saves about 6 seconds per battle versus, say, FF3. Beyond that, you can avoid battles when you want to. You can’t avoid them ALL, but you can avoid enough of them that it’s awesome. Add up the speedy battle pacing and perfectly metered episodic quests and adventures and you’ve got a game that is fun to play at all times. There’s always something to do; there’s always at least a mild sense of urgency and there’s always new environments to explore.

Nhex: It’s one of my all-time favorites but still, try not to let the nostalgia/hype faze you. You’re starting with probably the most distilled essence of the SNES DQ/FF formulas at the end of an era so if you’re not already into that genre, it may turn out not to be your thing.

Lamp: For me, the point where you first get the ship is when I fell for Chrono Trigger. Once the game opened up a little and offered the ability to pursue each of the character’s individual stories at my own pace, to create random parties and discover new abilities, it just got crazy rewarding and immersive. Superfun.


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