The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2009 #11: Left 4 Dead 2

Posted in 2009 by trdn89 on February 15, 2010

60 points, 5 votes, .5 TOP GAME vote

Official Game Site


BNW: Slightly disappointing. While there’s new content here, none of it seems as inspired as the original.

Scratch that boycott

Jjjusten: So it’s 2009, and big shock, we’re all still out here shooting virtual zombies. Fortunately, unlike shooting virtual nazis, zombie killing never gets old. Lots of people got all bent out of shape about this one because of Valves longstanding “give you shit-tons of stuff for free forever” approach, but they can all shut up – this is not just some map pack bullshit, this is a whole different game. WAY improved over the original in every way, AI director is leaps forward, melee weapons are a game-changing addition, maps are far more intricate, replayablity is endless. I’m not even sure how they had the time to make a sequel this good in such a short period of time, but there’s no question, this is worth every penny. So boohoo indignant fanboys, go back and play Counterstrike for the 4 billionth time and shut the fuck up.

The Wire Connection

Polyphonic: Best cooperative video game experience ever. Valve took a great game and made it even better. My buddy John has a setup where we have two 360s in one room, and we play four-player campaigns together. There is a great deal of collaborative hysteria.

Developer Interview

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