The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

The Third Annual Coint and Plick Poll: ILG’s Best Video Games of 2009 – Introduction

Posted in 2009 by trdn89 on February 12, 2010

2009 was an odd and wonderful year for video games. There was a veritable flood of software for the 360 and PS3 as both systems came of age; the DS continued to reign but the iPhone has begun making headway as the portable system of choice; the Wii, ignored by the hardcore, offered some of the year’s most critically acclaimed and financially disastrous titles; even PC gaming saw a blitz of high-profile exclusives and thousands of single-creator, overly-addictive casual flash games. While there was no clear and overwhelming GAME OF THE YEAR, few would argue that ’09 was not a very, very good year for gamers. Except maybe Mordy.

Coint and Plick offers a peek into the mind of a cross-section of Joe Average gamers; thirty-one guys (mostly) and gals from their teens into their forties who still enjoy a good orc rampage/brick busting/mecha flight/historical sim/plastic guitar concert. More than giving the reader a definitive “top ten”, Coint and Plick is meant as opportunity for the busy gamer to acquaint him/herself with some potential missed highlights. After all, everything on here is SOMEONE’S game of the year, so everything must have something going for it.

The poll was taken in Pazz and Jop style vote/point format: all voters had 100 points to divide among any ten games released in 2009. The maximum number of points each entry could receive was no more than thirty. In the end, ninety-three games were nominated. Rather than just peel off the top half, I’ve opted to list everything that got a vote here, along with a few links, images and YouTubes of note. In case of a tie breaker, I went by number of people who voted for a game first and number of people who listed the game as their #1 of the year second.

Last year’s poll taxed ILX’s capacity to handle multiple images and media on one thread; with that in mind, I strongly suggest mods on this board log out to see the poll properly displayed. I’ll be starting a new thread for every twenty five or so entries and interlink the threads.

Bear in mind that not every voter used the full amount of points they had at their disposal, so the numbers don’t crunch exactly. In cases where a game was available on multiple systems, I listed only the systems that voters specified they played the game on. User comments for these games come from individual ballots as well as from past ILG posts; I’ve done a bit of editing to streamline but I’ve made every effort to maintain your meaning. My apologies if you feel misquoted; feel free to correct me on this thread.

– Forksclovetofu

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