The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2009 #61a: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Posted in 2009 by trdn89 on February 12, 2010

(11-way tie for #61)

10 points, 1 vote

Official Game Site

Layton on Facebook


Zappi: This was excellent; I enjoyed it more than the first game… apart from the chess puzzles. Grrrrrr…

Wired developer interview

Forksclovetofu: I know they added the Dragon Quest alchemy subgame and the hamster hunt and all that wacky stuff and the animation and music are just as sweet as they were in ’08, but for some reason this felt like more of the same. I need a button that says “OKAY, I GET THE PLOT TWIST, CAN WE MOVE ON TO THE NEXT BIT OF STORY PLEASE?” I have every intention of returning to finish this sucker but it might be quite a while.

The First Hour

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