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Coint & Plick 2009 #56: Saints Row 2

Posted in 2009 by trdn89 on February 12, 2010

13 points, 1 vote

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Antexit: The crappy graphics engine looks decrepit after GTA IV but this is a way more fun place to just be in. I turn it on to fuck around and play side missions for a half-hour, which I never do with GTA IV. It’s not quite as mean as the first one just because it’s SO RETARDEDLY SILLY. You’ll be rescuing your friend in the middle of a trial and when you start to kill the security guards, the judge rushes out with a pump-action shotgun. There’s ‘cop missions’ where you’re told “These factory workers are protesting unsafe working conditions! Take this chainsaw and go kill them!”

Webinar: It’s quite a nasty and hateful game and it has less charm or beauty than GTA IV but there is LOADS to do and see in this game; lots of unlockables spread out really evenly, so there’s a nice feeling of progression. Unfortunately the engine looks the same as the prior game and it is creaky as all hell, seriously last gen and buggy. Worst of all are the game crashes, which come randomly and often; I’ve had six in twenty hours of play. I find it so hard to recommend this game because it’s just flat out broken. I’ve had players disappear, cars disappear, people and cars fall out of the sky, you name it… but despite all this it is very addictive and very fun and very recommended!

Stevie: I always felt Saints Row felt like playing with crappy action figures that weren’t even as well painted, detailed or articulated as GI Joes. SR 1 actually bummed me out when I played it; it seemed nasty in a way that GTA rarely deigned to be. I missed whatever surface morality lingered in the game; in Saint’s Row, your character seemed like one of the NPCs in a GTA game that you were suggested to find faintly reprehensible.

Polyphonic: It’s really weird to hear people complain about this game’s morality. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve murdered some poor random stranger in GTA in the most heartless, evil way. What makes this any worse? In Saint’s Row 2, I made an obese Latina protagonist, dressed her in granny panties and an ill-fitting bra and turned on a lot of cheats. I made it so that it rained people then turned on the cheat that made bodies ascend to heaven once they died, so what you get is a continuous hail of people splatting to the ground and then immediately rising back up into the sky. This game is bizarre, cheaply made and hilarious.

Euler: Fucking awesome! The missions are actually fun instead of as gritty and difficult as GTA IV. So far (and I’m just a few hours in) it has been hard to die… unlike in GTA IV where I have to try the same boring mission twenty times cause I keep getting killed.

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