The ILG Coint & Plick Awards

Coint & Plick 2009 #54: MadWorld

Posted in 2009 by trdn89 on February 12, 2010

15 points, 1 vote

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Designing for the Wii remote

Jamescobo: It reminds me of both Jet Grind Radio (though way more violent — it’s pretty much more violent than everything) but with same use of directional input and, of course, God Hand (the slightly clunky tank controls, the camera woes, the basic design principle of advancing by wrecking everyone’s shit). Admittedly MadWorld’s kill-motherfuckers-creatively mechanic isn’t anywhere near as deep as God Hand’s seizure-inducingly deep combo system, but it’s plenty of fun in its own right. My only complaint is that I keep accidentally pressing the pause button while I’m wildly gesticulating with the Wiimote, but I guess it’s not fair to hold game designers accountable for my spazziness. Think of this as No More Heroes without all the “LOL, production values” shit or God Hand for people who thought it was too hard and with all the in-jokey stuff replaced with an immediately accessible aesthetic.

Zero Punctuation Review

Only twelve bucks!

”Sega sticks by Mature Wii releases” (3 months later) “Sega unlikely to do more mature Wii titles”

jjjusten: ILG contributed at least 1/22000th of total Madworld sales. GO TEAM!

Jeff LeVine: My major complaints: while the black and white artwork looks really good, it doesn’t serve the gameplay. It’s hard to see the tires and signposts and spiked walls you need to kill guys with to rack up the points because of the monochromatic color scheme. The 3D movement and camera is awkward. The Wii motion controls are lame; as in No More Heroes, the movement choices just feel arbitrary and don’t immerse you any more into the game than standard button presses would, but are more unpleasant and harder to remember than just pressing buttons.

“More Madworld in Wii’s future”

Jjjusten: I make no attempt to hide how angry a Wii owner I am. I’m one of those guys that look at this particular console with a little more bile rising in my throat every week that a new fitness program or pet management simulator falls like a turd onto the new release list. So when MadWorld rolled out, I was very glad to see it. The game has its faults: there are times where the wiimote works against you rather than for you; songs are AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL and the game is SHORT. All those caveats fall away the first time you impale someone with a signpost, necklace them with a tire, jam firecrackers down their throat and THEN bisect them by slamming their body in a dumpster. Boss battles are even more insane. Anybody who whines like a baby about the lack of hardcore games on the wii that didn’t buy this is a jerk and a traitor and I hope they realize that I will hold them directly responsible when “Wii Play Tamagochi Fitness 3” sells 40 billion copies.

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